Come sit by the fire, wayfarer.

Below you can find a pool of portrait cards I've created. All cards consist of an illustration of the character on the front including an empty space for the NPC's name and some space to write down notes, stats etc. on the back. The size of the cards is ~ 63 × 88 mm | 2.5 x 3.5 inches to fit into standard card sleeves.

The PDFs include a version for duplex printing as well as a single page version. For best results consider to use thicker paper.

If you plan to use the cards digital-only – e.g. to create tokens for Roll20 – you can download the provided ZIP-file containing the pics of the according set.

Kindly note:
Please don't use the cards, the provided files or my artwork commercially.


A set of dwellers you may encounter in a modest rural village.

Michael Habiger | Vienna